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never forget

never forget

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nervous baby squirrel

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jindeul imitating the sound of the crosswalk button 

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His Royal Highness Jung Jinyoung’s method of quality control

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Run Sandeul!

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140922 Japanese magazine Haru Hana 12 Baro

Q. ”Pretty” is a song that says everything that the girl does is cute, but there is something that you can’t forgive (You don’t think it’s cute) from a girl?

I wouldn’t like them do which I would like them do only with me. I want them to use Aegyo only with me and be serious with others. No matter if they are messy. As I like to be clean I could order, but if I marry this will be a serious problem kkk 

(Sandeul: You just have to be cleaner than I kkk)

Q. With whom do you feel pampered (From whom you like to depend)?

Although I ‘m not the type of person who depends on someone if I do would be on Sandeul. When I’m bored or tired I play pranks on him . I couldn’t do that nor to the hyungs nor to Gongchan because he’s the maknae, so I just have my friend Sandeul. 

Q. What thing you can’t (You don’t like to) do alone?

Being alone in the house. I can’t spend all day alone in the house on my days off. I feel sad when I have time to go out but I have no plans. But of course when I’m tired after work or feeling down I need to be alone.

Q. Something that was “OH MY GOD” for you? 

When we went to LA, there were many more fans at the airport than we expected. All had brought our albums and placards. At the concert the next day I also was surprised by the number of fans who were at the concert.

Q. The BANAs are cute because…

They are pretty every day 

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from where is this pictures post/97984059496 ?


hello good morning. it’s from Listen to the B1A4 VCR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdIIzEh8ASs&feature=youtu.be

B1A4: the charismatic group

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b1a4’s class clown

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holding hands for the first time

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